Footie Plus offers a unique multi-chain platform that leverages on the full power of blockchain to bring a new level of engagement for football fans, players, future stars, clubs and investors. Through Footie+ NFTs, App, Gamification, Future Stars, TV/Media, Merchandise, Foundation, Wallet, and the $FOOTIE governance coin, we are on a mission to bring a new dimension to football. Find Out More:



⚽️ $FOOTIE is thrilled to announce that we will be one of the first projects to list on #FEGex, the first step in #BringingDeFiTogether.

⚽️ The listing prepares us for the ground-breaking launch of the first 3D Football, $FOOTIE, Play2Earn Game, $FOOTIE NFT Marketplace, $FOOTIE Academy themed animated NFT Cartoon, FutureStars and more

⚽️ #FegEx is touted to be the DEFI exchange of the future

⚽️ Listing on #FEGex comes with limitless benefits for $FOOTIE & the community

⚽️ #FEG boasts one of the largest following and communities in crypto

⚽️ Sell volume share which can be used to fund BNB/ETH staking for $FOOTIE users

⚽️ Postive Price Pressure

⚽️ Automatic liquidity lock

⚽️ No doubt, FEG Token is an absolute giant in the #DeFi space — reshaping and evolving daily

Great things await $FOOTIE and $FEG! 🚀



What if we are developing a FOOTIE cartoon aimed at introducing blockchain to kids in the most entertaining and fun way?

What if the script is based on our flagship FOOTIE Academy and FutureStars?

What if we have content distributors showing interest?… Stay tuned!

FOOTIE Academy TV Cartoon



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