CoinTiger Listing and Information Regarding V1 and V2

We are pleased to announce that our first CEX listing of V1 on CoinTiger will be happening this coming Thursday 29th July 2021 — exact time will be advised.

V1 as many of you will be aware, will remain our governance token, that will give you access to all FOOTIE+ benefits, programmes and to participate, you will need to hold at least 1000 FOOTIE V1 token.

As this is our first listing, we are excited to get this journey started and anticipate that our V2 listing on CoinTiger will also be happening shortly.

The slippage for V1 is 0.1% while for V2 is 12%.

V2 has a 10% tax that will go directly to every holder and buybacks. V2 will be our trading token running separately on Polygon while V1 is on Binance Smart Chain. We anticipate the V1 will be more valuable in future as every one that want to participate and get rewards from our programs need to hold 1000 tokens.

We have also submitted both tokens to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko among many others.

The FOOTIE+ team reiterates its commitment to making this project a future gem and assures the community that we are working around the clock to make this a success for all.

FOOTIE has some of the best developers working on various products to ensure that each part of our ecosystem is the best.

We are also happy to inform the community that we have recently engaged animation developers to help spruce up our messaging and marketing content.

FOOTIE is blessed to have a committed team including our developers, moderators and administrators working in the front and back end of this project to make it a success.

The future is certainly bright and we have so much to look up to. Buckle up, be patient and you will be happy you stuck with us.

We appreciate your continued support and patience.

For more information, please visit the website; follow us on Twitter @footieplus.

FOOTIE+; “Everything Football On Blockchain”