FOOTIE+ Daily Update — 15/06/21

⚽️ Today, we are introducing “Daily Progress Updates” leading to launch.
⚽️ The team is in talks with a world famous football icon and are on the verge of signing a marketing and endorsement arrangement — hopefully before Friday.
⚽️ Our Products and Services are in active development — the world’s first NFT Marketplace dedicated to football, Blockchain Football Game to enable staking and earning of $FOOTIE tokens while playing, our flagship one-stop App for the FOOTIE+ ecosystem, FOOTIE+ Academy and Future Stars, TV more.
⚽️ We are committing to updates to our Lightpaper to include tokenomics and roadmap before the end of the week.
⚽️ Double IDO dates to be announced as soon as we finalise arrangements with launch platforms.
⚽️ As you can imagine, there is an amount of effort invested to provide unmatchable products and services before listing — we are working flat-out to launch on Panacakeswap before 1st July 2021



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