Former England Star Owen speaks on Blockchain and Footie+

Former England, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United and Newcastle star on Blockchain and Footie+

Former England striker, Michael Owen has applauded the Footie+ platform and its various initiatives to revolutionise the football world through the power of blockchain technology.

In a video shared with Footie+, the former Liverpool and Manchester United star said it was good to see technology advancing the football game.

“Good to see technology advancing football and Footie+ plus is doing that. By leveraging the power of Blockchain, Footie+ aims to bring a new dimension to football,” Owen said.

Footie+ is set to take the football industry to another level through unprecedented platforms and initiatives which bring in fans and ordinary people into the core of the game.

Through its NFTs, Gamification, Future Stars Academy and the Foundation, Footie+ will allow football fans across the globe to tap into this industry thus giving more power to ordinary people to shape the future of the sport.

The platform is making tremendous strides in the journey to revolutionise football across the globe, with one such initiative being the Footie Plus Future Stars which offers an opportunity for individuals to “own a part of the talent”.

This will allow ordinary people the ability to invest and earn from the identification and development of future football stars.

Footie+ recently underwent and passed a contract audit with a top audit firm Techrate.

It also showed its commitment to a climate-friendly blockchain industry by partnering with Clima8e, a multi-chain launchpad focused on decarbonising crypto.